The Last Leg – Pemba Here We Come!

Hello sweet friends and family!

We are missing you all so much! We are sitting in a guest house in Johannesburg, right by the airport, listening to the rain and waiting for dinner. We have been migrating in groups from our last base in Nelspruit, spending a night in Joburg, then flying to Pemba, Mozambique! We are entering the land of 100-degree weather and 95% humidity, super busy days and nights (the best kind of busy), no wifi, fresh mangoes, amazing sunrises, rice and beans (and beans and rice), and beautiful Mozambicans.

We fly out tomorrow morning, and will have little to no connection phone/internet-wise. We got word that right now there is no running water and no electricity on the base, so you can be praying for that! We do have bottled water and well water.

Other ways you can be praying:
-Safe travels for all the groups going from South Africa to Mozambique
– Supernatural capacity to receive all of the saturated, powerful, back-to-back-to-back teachings and worship times
-Likewise, to have a supernatural infilling to be able to pour out to one another and to the community while we’re there – that we’d have supernatural energy physically and emotionally!
-Health over our whole group! Our biggest risks are tummy bugs and Malaria.
-Continued unity in our marriage and the whole group of couples
-To really savor each day without dwelling too much on the future. God will reveal things in the perfect time!

We are so looking forward to more teachings, more Jesus, out reaches in the village, worship, and our last 24 days together as HS21!

Please be praying and interceding for our team! We want to be so close to God that we can walk according to His voice and heart, so. He can be glorified and many to be added to His Kingdom!

See you all in December!
Sam and John


2 thoughts on “The Last Leg – Pemba Here We Come!

  1. Praying for you two and the team. I haven’t left any comments….but that is not so with prayers. Each time you come to mind you are lifted up with prayers and love. May He bless yawl mightily as you continue the journey…. yum…mangoes!
    Love and blessings,
    Gail McIntosh


  2. John and Sam – Lord, I pray for supernatural filling, protection, provisions and encounters with the Holy Spirit. Thank you for keeping your bride under your everloving wing and preparing “The Way” for them and the team. To You belongs all the glory and honor. In Jesus’ name with thanksgiving.


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