No Limitations

IMG_8765While sitting in Jubala, Sam gave me a blank page. This is what came out.

Jesus never gave any pardon or acceptance of fear. He never sanctioned or endorsed fear. He attacked fear with a solid rock of unwavering faith, belief, complete assurance, and foreknowledge. His disciples would be rebuked for living and operating in fear as we see after Jesus calmed the storm in Mark 4:40. Jesus takes it even further when He corrects his  disciples for not being able to perform incredible miracles…deliverances, food multiplication, etc. It seems that He lived in a realm of personal responsibility and had an expectation for normal people to operate in the supernatural…whether He held this standard for all could be debated (perhaps you could argue it was just for His disciples). We see Him reprove an “unbelieving and perverse generation” in Matt. 17:17. This indicates that He had expected a supernatural ability from the “normals” of society. We laugh at this today…to expect miracles from normal people? This is utterly ridiculous to so many of our pastors and church leaders in Christendom. It is clear that Jesus Christ not only operated in “God is for me”, but God is for you! He walked in a faith that made heaven’s realities, earth’s reality. We cannot attribute this to His deity, because He took on the limitations of a man (Philippians 2:7). The Alef (Alpha) and the Tav (Omega) limited himself, while being unlimited because of His relationship with Abba. He was an ordinary human with an extraordinary Abba who knew Him, and heard His every prayer, who was thrilled by His obedience. A son who could be trusted with all of heavens resources and authority. This supernatural ability came at a price… it could not be given if Jesus wanted man’s approval more than Abba’s, if He had a spirit of unforgiveness, or if He had pride in His heart. This supernatural ability and authority was given as over time as Jesus grew in “wisdom and stature and favor with God and man”. God had to “grow”!  That is pretty incredible! We see Jesus teach that he who is faithful in little will be entrusted with more (Lk. 16:10). As we cultivate intimacy with Abba, welcoming the Holy Spirit to come into our hearts and lives to clean, correct, prune, and grow godliness and righteousness we are creating a place or portal that God may exercise HIS ability and dominion through our little life. We don’t need to be perfect before this starts. Let it start right NOW in our hearts! Some people may have different arguments against this idea, but it is my belief that as we become more “Holy” (meaning sin is removed and righteousness is present through walking in obedience to Jesus) we move into a realm of freedom, blessing, provision, power, authority, and prosperity. Righteousness is blessed and all of heaven will be released for a man who walks uprightly and humbly before God our eternal Abba. The supernatural becomes natural for a Holy man…because Heaven listens. Heaven has been known, received, and cultivated in His heart (the Kingdom is inside you!). This man can be trusted with God’s Kingdom and Abba’s joy overflows onto his life with no limitations.

This is a life worth leaving every thing else behind to discover! Jesus is worthy!



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