Whenever. Wherever.


I have recently been listening to a band that I like called Bombay Bicycle Club. As I was driving to Aldi to pick up a few things for dinner last Friday night I was listening to a song by them called “Whenever Wherever”. I was thinking about the incredible time that I had had earlier in the day in downtown Raleigh. My friend Devin and I have been going into downtown Raleigh on Fridays to learn (yes…learn) to do the things that Jesus did.  God has been showing up and meeting people on the streets. As I was listening to this song I began to hear Abba singing the chorus over me. “Whenever you want it, wherever you want it…Whenever you want it, wherever you want it”. I felt that He was singing it in regards to Him showing up through me in signs, wonders, and miraculous encounters with people! He was telling me, “John, whenever you want to bring the Kingdom, I will do it! Wherever you want to bless people with a miracle, I will show up.” It really gave me a revelation of His heart to do amazing miracles for people every hour of everyday. Our lack of faith limits us from truly walking like Jesus walked…in the power and love of God every moment!  Our Papa loves faith! He wants us to be living encounters with His power and love just as Jesus was when He walked this earth. Jesus said, “As the Father sent Me, so I am sending you.” Also, “Greater works will you do, because I am going to the Father”. We have to take off our religious glasses and put our bad theology on the shelf or better yet in the trash can. It’s time to live the “normal Christian life!” Now let us fly highhhhh!



One thought on “Whenever. Wherever.

  1. So good to hear about and be part of your journey. Thank you. Yes to His will to be done with us for us to know He is there as we seek to please Him and do whatever He called us to. May He bless you both as His 💘 works in and through you!!! Hugs and blessings Gail McIntosh

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