A Day at the Fair


Jesus is not just “in heaven”. He is living within and resting upon those who have believed on Him, who have received the Spirit of Christ (Eph. 3:17). This is not theology…this is a living reality that if we begin to really believe, we will be people for whom nothing is impossible. We can not be so focused on the Christ who is to return, but must commune and abide with the Christ who dwells within us at this very moment. He wants to release His dominion, power, authority, and abounding love through US (His chosen people) this very moment. What a glorious King!

The Lord has given me some amazing friends! I feel so blessed to get to go out with these brothers on a weekly basis to intentionally bring the Kingdom (the King’s dominion) into public places. They are such an encouragement to me. I see in them the desire to give their whole heart and whole life to Jesus. Each one of them has been an inspiration to me.

Last week we had the opportunity to go to the state fair together! We went with the intention of bringing God’s Kingdom (acts of kindness, love, healing,salvation, and deliverance) to people there. It was a treasure chest. Thousands of precious, valuable hearts and lives packed into a small area. God was bound to show up if people were willing to partner with him. God is looking for partners. Whenever we go out it takes a few minutes to get ramped up, but we always can trust that Devin won’t let that last long! Lol Just a few minutes in we were close to the waterfall and there was a group of 12-15 black kids. Devin went right into the middle of the group and asked boldly, “Does anyone have any pain in their body right now!?” One of the older ones there spoke up and said, “I do. I have back pain.”Devin responded, “Jesus will take that pain away right now if you let us pray for  you.” We prayed and immediately the pain went away. She was thrilled. Then another girl spoke up, “I have a headache.” We prayed. Immediately the headache left. By the time we left that group we had prayed for over 7 people with pain in their bodies that left once we laid hands on them. They were thrilled and excited about God’s kindness and what we spoke about Jesus and His plans for their lives. We prayed and many of them prayed to receive Christ into their life right there in the middle of the state fair with crowds swarming around us.

We had many heavenly encounters that day. I will not be able to record them all here but I will share a few more. We prayed for a lady who was selling natural healing ointments and medicines. She was in the building with all the artwork. She asked us ,”Do y’all have any pain in your bodies?” We said “no, do you?” She said that her left elbow down to her wrist was always numb and then she said “some people don’t understand that numbness hurts.” We asked her if we could pray for her in the name of Jesus Christ. “Sure!” she said. We prayed and she immediately felt the numbness and pain decrease. We could see the shock on her face!! We prayed again and bound the numbness in the name of Jesus Christ and commanded it to leave and never come back (Matthew 18:18) and we commanded every injury to be healed. As we walking off she tested her arm and said “Wow!” and a look of astonishment was on her face. Thank you Jesus that you are real and very present with us!

As we walked by the big slide in the kids section of the fair. A young man was hollering at us, “COME EAT WITH US! WE HAVE SEATING IN THE BACK.” We walked over and greeted them then asked, “Does any one need prayer or have any pain in their body?” One woman spoke up with knee problems and another guy said he had pain all throughout his body. As we prayed for the man, you could feel the presence of God. He said that he felt peace throughout his entire body and the pain was not present any more. He then told us that he gave His life to Christ at a church 4 years ago. When it happened, he wept for a solid hour. I asked him if he had received the baptism of the Holy Spirit when he believed? He said he had not heard of this. I told him that Christ said, that he who believes in me streams of living water will flow forth from within him (John 7:38). I told him that Jesus said, “It’s better that I go, so that the Holy Spirit my come and dwell in you…He will lead you into all truth and remind you of all that I have said. He is your Helper in this life.” I asked him, “Do you want to receive the Holy Spirit, because if you have given your life to Christ He is yours to receive.” He said, “Yes”. We prayed with Him, and immediately the power of God came! Thank you Jesus! We prayed in tongues and prayed that he may receive the Holy Spirit, the precious Spirit of Jesus, the spirit of adoption that cries out “Abba Father” and testifies to our spirit that we are children of God. He was lost in the moment, swaying back and forth, and he would have fallen down had we not held him up. This was a just normal dude working at the state fair. When he came back after about 5 minutes of prayer…He testified that he just had an out of body experience with the Lord (2 Cor. 12:1-4). He said it reminded him of when He first repented and turned to Jesus. He said, “I am seeing different colors right now and have so much peace.” We told him to expect to have an increase of encounters with the Lord and hearing His voice more clearly.  (Read Acts 8 if you have questions)

To save time I want to briefly mention that there were numerous fair workers who received  healing from various injuries and were given words of knowledge(1 Cor. 12:8), many recommitted their lives to the Lord, whole groups witnessed various miracles, heard about Jesus, and experienced the presence of the Holy Spirit. I share all this to testify of God’s reality this very moment. He was not the God of power just in the Old Testament or even the New Testament. He is the God who raises the dead TODAY. I want to be very clear in saying that WE are nothing special. God is using people all over the world to do the impossible right now, and it is increasing day by day. God is ready to use any christian who believes and obeys. The things of the Bible…the fruitfulness, the miracles, the intimacy with the Holy Spirit, the suffering, the joy, is for every christian. This is the normal christian life. We don’t live it perfectly, but our Lord Jesus is perfect in His ability to complete the work that He began in us. If you believe on the Lord Jesus and have given him your life…this is for you.



I wish this would have been clearer. After the one in the blue shirt got completely healed (leg). This whole group of kids started cheering and jumping up and down, because Jesus is REAL and love us a whole lot.


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