Photo courtesy of Nancy Ray Photography

Photo courtesy of Nancy Ray Photography

Thank you so much for your love and support.  We are thrilled about the journey Father is leading us on!  In His grace and extravagant love, He has confirmed time and again that He is with us, leading us, and we can trust His voice in the smallest and largest of matters.  Thank you for praying alongside us and being a part of what He’s doing.  We love you!

  • Praise God for an amazing time of loving on and traveling through Israel from June through October of last year!  We followed God because He told us to go there!  We got to connect with many precious believing friends from around the world while we were there.  We lived together and volunteered together.  John and I aimed to be rooted in thankfulness during this time.  We sought to build genuine relationships with the people in our immediate vicinity (within walking distance), to show up again and again, ask questions, and follow up intentionally with God’s love.
  • Father provided a job for John, many clients for Sam, and a beautiful home for us in downtown Raleigh!
  • John has been faithful to go outside and meet, talk with, and pray with whoever God highlights in downtown Raleigh.  At the moment, he and a handful of other men go out every Friday during the day for several hours and devote that time to being available for God and people.
  • Sam is working full-time and God has definitely had favor on her business!  Please pray for wisdom in her business as she seeks to grow it in a way that will bless her and others immensely.
  • We attend Catch the Fire Worship Center when we are not working on Sundays. (Mondays are our Sabbath days together!)  We are so thankful for community from many different church bodies!

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